Who is @dburkland?

Dan Burkland is an IT professional based in the Twin Cities metro area. He is an avid technologist driven by his will to exceed expectations and passion for technology. When it comes to his IT career, his primary focus areas are automation and next-generation public & private cloud systems. Dan has several certifications and is an active member of the NetApp A-TEAM influencer group.

Outside of work Dan is an avid electric vehicle advocate who loves all things Tesla. As a result, Dan is an active member of the Minnesota Tesla Owners Club along with several Tesla online communities. In his spare time Dan also likes to watch motorsports specifically Formula 1, Formula E, and MotoGP.

Why should you read this blog?

Dan frequently posts articles related to his dealings with public & private cloud technologies such as Ansible, AWS, Azure, Docker, GCP, Kubernetes, Storage, and Terraform. His constant desire to understand best practices has resulted in the creation of thorough documentation which typically include important gotchas. This blog will be used as a central repository for this documentation and hopefully will be useful to fellow IT professionals. On top of posting about IT-related topics, Dan will also be sharing content about electric vehicles including certain tech-related projects that involve Tesla.