How To Clear NFS Locks in Data ONTAP

I have run into a few scenarios where I have had to manually clear NFS locks on a given NetApp system. The recommended procedure for clearing these locks has changed over the years depending on the Data ONTAP version and now again with the release of Clustered Data ONTAP.

  • 7-mode ONTAP
    • Login to the appropriate 7-mode filer
    • Transition into diag mode
      priv set diag
    • Clear all the NFS locks
      lock break -p nlm
  • Clustered ONTAP (cDOT)
    • Login to the appropriate cDOT cluster
    • Transition into diag mode
      set diag
    • Clear the NFS locks for the appropriate volume
      locks break -vserver mn4_svm_sybase -volume mn4s11024_nfs_SYB_DMO -lif *