How To Expand A ZFS Pool

This article explains how to expand a ZFS Pool. I have used this procedure a few times while dealing with FreeBSD in a virtual environment where I have needed to expand a zpool.

  • Enable the “autoexpand” feature on the zpool
    zpool set autoexpand=on zfstestpool
  • Shutdown the system
    shutdown -h now
  • Resize the gpt partition
    gpart resize -i 1 /dev/da1
  • Export the zpool
    zpool export zfstestpool
  • Import the zpool
    zpool import zfstestpool
  • “Online” the zpool which will automatically expand it to partition boundaries
    zpool online zfstestpool /dev/da1p1
  • “df -hl /mountpoint” should now show that the zpool has been expanded