How To Kill CIFS Sessions For A Given User In Clustered Data ONTAP

Today is hump day and with that comes some added motivation to update this blog with some new material! The following post discusses another common topic and that is the termination of CIFS sessions in cDOT. This task could be performed in 7-mode however the commands have since changed in cDOT. Refer to the following tutorial below to kill any unwanted CIFS for a specific Windows user:

  • Display the current CIFS session(s) for the user and record the value(s) in the “Connection ID” column
    cifs session show -node * -vserver db_svm_file -windows-user DBURKLAND\dburklan
  • Kill the CIFS session(s)
    set -privilege diag
    net connections active delete -node cs005-pn02 -vserver db_svm_file -cid 548877834

For more details please refer to the following link: