CVPR Keynote w/ Ashok Elluswamy – 2023-08-20

Back in August of last year Ashok Elluswamy, Tesla’s Director of Autopilot Software, gave an in-depth presentation on Autopilot & FSD Beta. I found this presentation extremely informative and took some notes that I wanted to share with you all. You can find the full presentation here.

Tesla FSD Beta Video Series

After a few month delay in FSD Beta content the planets aligned where I got a new FSD Beta build and the roads so happened to be clear (rare for this time of year in Minnesota). I have been busy testing and minus an annoying regression with the intersection of 37th Ave NE & …

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Tesla AI Day 2022 – 2022-09-30

Tesla AI Day 2022 has been one of the most eagerly anticipated Tesla-related events of the year and it did not disappoint! As a FSD Beta Tester & techy, I was extremely excited to learn more about the underlying innovations that Tesla has come up with as they continue to develop their Full Self Driving …

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Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta Secured

Intro On October 11th, 2021, 1000 US-based Tesla owners including myself were granted access to Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta. This group of Tesla owners were selected based on their Tesla Safety Score (had to initially be 100) which was calculated based on the following safety factors: If you would like to learn more, …

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