Tesla FSD Beta Video Series

After doing a ton of testing with FSD Beta 10.69.1 over the last few days I received a notification around noon yesterday that Tesla OS 2022.20.11 aka FSD Beta was ready to install on my Model 3. After performing a few drives with I can say it builds upon some of the improvements we saw in 10.69.1 while:

  • Introducing smoother creep behavior
  • Producing less jerky brake & throttle inputs
  • Adding increased confidence with VRUs

I plan to do some additional testing as time permits over the long weekend so stay tuned for more FSD Beta content!

Episode #1 – Tesla – FSD Beta – NE Minneapolis Test Loop (Best Yet!)

This video contains footage recorded on the evening of September 3rd, 2022 of FSD Beta driving me around the full version of my NE Minneapolis Test Loop. Aside from 1 disengagement caused by what I believe to be a navigation data issue, FSD performed better than it ever has before on this specific route and I couldn’t be happier! Confidence when in the presence of VRUs seems to be noticeably better and there is less jerky behavior when it comes to creeping and decelerating when approaching intersections. Of all the FSD Beta builds I’ve tested so far this one seems to be the most polished and that has me thinking we are very close to a wider roll out to the rest of the 100k+ FSD Beta testers out there.
Episode #2 – Tesla – FSD Beta – St Anthony Pkwy UPL Turn

This video contains footage recorded on the afternoon of September 3rd & 4th, 2022 of FSD Beta taking an UPL turn onto St Anthony Pkwy from Johnson St NE (NE Minneapolis). I did a similar video with 10.69.1 and while I didn’t expect any behavior changes with I still wanted to re-test & share my results considering this intersection is so close to my house. Overall I am super happy with and continue to believe it to be one of the most polished FSD Beta builds that I’ve tested so far.
Episode #3 – Tesla – FSD Beta – Keys Cafe (St. Paul)

This video contains footage recorded on the afternoon of September 4th, 2022 of FSD Beta driving me from my home (NE Minneapolis) to Keys Cafe (St. Paul, MN). This particular drive was one of the smoothest drives I’ve had with FSD Beta so far and another example of why I feel like it is ready for wider release to other public beta testers. Keep up the great work Autopilot team!
Episode #4 – Tesla – FSD Beta – Railroad Crossing

This video contains footage recorded on the morning of September 4th, 2022 of FSD Beta reacting and slowing for a passing train at a railroad crossing near my house. It’s been a while since I’ve encountered a train while testing FSD Beta so I figured I would share for those curious on how the software currently reacts to this situation.