Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Supported Platforms

With the release of ONTAP 9.1 earlier this year it brought with it amongst many things NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE). This feature although offered $0 cost requires an additional license which needs to be generated by NetApp. On top of the NVE license NetApp also added a new license which is needed to enable the newly-integrated trusted platform modules (TPM). What is a TPM you may ask? By definition a TPM is, “A dedicated microcontroller designed to secure hardware by integrating cryptographic keys into devices”. When first reading about this I then wondered what platforms include the TPM module? Does every platform that support NVE have a TPM module? After a bit of digging I found that not every platform that supports NVE includes a TPM. The list below shows all platforms that currently have TPM modules integrated:

  • AFF A200
  • AFF A300
  • AFF A700
  • AFF A700S
  • FAS2620
  • FAS2650
  • FAS8200
  • FAS9000